A look at our new family: F31-UPCYCLING

Our latest collections have already focused on sustainability. The FW20/21 collection comes with the same effort and strength: eco-awareness. With the creation of this new collection we feel the need to create a new family. A family that comes from rethinking fashion and the way we consume and produce it. After all, we do not look at sustainability as a trend, we look at sustainability as a RESPONSIBILITY, an inevitable strategy for a future where there is no plan B.


And because we believe that it is the concrete, everyday acts common to all the steps we take that make the difference, comes this new family called "UPCYCLING". A need to value our raw materials and rethink new solutions. One way to avoid overproduction and its associated expenses.


Creative reuse without production - UPCYCLING
0% water,
0% energy,
0% chemical agents,
0% CO2 emissions.


In this family you can find a wide range of articles of different types: denims, flannel, bombazines, among others with unique fabrics, many of them unreproducible, which bring variety and offer endless possibilities in creating unique and individual styles.


Every day, with small gestures and small habits, we adapt to show you that our commitment to sustained growth is serious and that we always want to protect the entire ecosystem. We want to fight for sustainability! We want to be sustainable partners! We want to be on the right side of humanity!




Below are some of our products from the FW20/21 collection: