"Hunting" with the new men's collection by Rita Sá

Rita Sá was considered the big surprise of the first day of Portugal Fashion. The young creator presented for the first time a collection exclusively male and proved that this is a path that must continue.


The parade opened with an all-green coordinate, a green that was not flourishing but strong. Another 15 coordinates followed, also all green, but in different shades. And what could easily have become repetitive just kept surprising. The monochrome palette is one of Rita Sá's signature and has remained, but everything else turned out to be much more mature.


The green came straight from some old photographs that Rita found at home. In them, the great-grandfather was depicted with an old hunting suit which the author found curious and interesting to realize that at that time was actually hunted. And it was from hunting that brought some elements that presented us during his parade to which we can highlight the pockets.


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