Maria Gambina bets on sustainability with Troficolor

In the last collection, the national creator, Maria Gambina, presents a collection that aims to reduce the environmental impact on fashion in which the use of sustainable materials is a priority!


A contemporary look at environmental sustainability and balance has led to the choice of our fabrics. From your entire collection we have selected a coordinate where we can highlight the choice of “Denim Ready to Wear”.


With this coordinate we highlight our family VELVDENIM, where we present innovative articles - “Denim ready to wear”, with wintry, soft and comfortable finishes with velvety feel and wool look.


Special Finishing achieved by reducing water, energy and chemical consumption.


We think of our eco-conscious collections, so we seek to combine current trends in international fashion and the demands of an increasingly global market driven by a growing concern for the environment and sustainability.


We dress with ecological awareness.


F21 – Velvdenim or “ Denim Ready to Wear”