Soul and an immensity of darkness with José Vieira

Winner of the first edition of the contest promoted by Troficolor, Denim Young Contest, the young José Vieira was, for the third consecutive time, in Portugal Fashion. José Vieira has been giving letters in the fashion world and proof of this was his presence in this edition, with a collection inspired for the first time by a personal experience: a loving relationship.


"Love kills us and returns our soul to a vastness of darkness," he said, describing what inspired him to create his clothes.


He thus combined the contrast between the good and the bad side of love, the joy and suffering it causes, as well as its ability to evoke heaven and hell. “Heaven on the bright side, hell when the relationship ends,” he explains. Because it is a personal inspiration, he states that “this third experience at Portugal Fashion was even more important”.


José Vieira said that seeing his coordinates parading has brought him many advantages. On the one hand, it affirms “talent and professionalism” and, on the other, it makes you, on a personal level, more motivated and willing to do “more and better”.

For the future, the young man hopes to continue to take his collections to parade the catwalks, but also to make himself emancipated in the job market “beyond the brand” that owns.




"Love kills us and returns our soul to a vastness of darkness. What can I say to you past when the present do not see it; what can I live when the past has been taken with you - you who are of the world, you who are free and with you have taken my soul and made a heart that was yours black with pain; that's yours.

Satan says love is the worst poison. And yes, I agree. I feel my soul has been sold for pennies and I have nothing left to feel or live.
You made a covenant with my love and my heart, which you covered with the blood of my tears. Now, I ask heaven if you're there?

Because I see you, but I don't want to break this barrier of darkness that I have between me and the world.

After all, I know we are opposites - you are solve and I am coagulate. "