TROFICOLOR present at the London Textile Fair

TROFICOLOR will be present at the Textile Fair in London, one of the main international fairs of the specialty.


The fair is aimed at industry professionals, hosting exhibitors with an extensive range of fashion items, and offering manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their products to thousands of visitors and fashion experts from around the world.


In this one of the main events of the sector in the United Kingdom, with a strong internationalization, TROFICOLOR will present its new collection, denominated "Family 31 - Upcycling"


Assuming in its DNA the question of sustainability, the creative department of TROFICOLOR thought of its new collection FW20 / 21 with environmental responsibility, intensifying concerns about the reduction of water and energy consumption, reduction of waste, limitation of the use of chemical agents and the reduction of CO2 emissions.


This ecological concern has led TROFICOLOR to rethink its product in a sustainable way, reducing the production of waste and waste, improving and optimizing its textiles.


The Family 31 collection introduces itself to a new family: UPCYCLING. This collection is characterized by having a wide range of articles of different typologies, namely denims, flannels, bombazines, among others, possessing unique fabrics, many of them irreproducible, that bring variety and provide infinite possibilities in creating odd and individual styles.


UPCYCLING - creative reuse without production requirement: 0% water, 0% energy, 0% chemical agents, 0% CO2 emissions: WE THINK SUSTAINABILITY RE-USING CLASSICS


We want to fight for sustainability! We want to be sustainable partners! We want to be on the right side of humanity!