Chatting with 0.9 Vírus

We interviewed 0.9 Virus, one of the participating designers in the last edition of Portugal Fashion. 


What is the balance you make of this edition of Portugal Fashion?
Despite the pandemic situation and the constraints, the balance is extremely positive.  
We were able to continue to present our work and were accompanied by excellent teams so that everything ran as smoothly and naturally as possible.
There was a great effort and care on everyone's part and it is good to know that everyone was aware of the situation.

What was the great inspiration for this collection?
Inspiration comes from emotion. The emotion connected to the survival instinct.
In times of confinement, where everything is unstable.  
Whirlwind of different emotions, indefinitely restricted to that space and to those people.
Everything becomes a little unbalanced.
Harmony and balance are indispensable for understanding and respecting the differences between individuals.

What, effectively, does this collection want to "say" to the world?

Despite adversity, hindrance, and ruin, there will be time to rebuild.


What is the reason for the choice of fabrics and colors used?
The fusion of materials creates a dynamic between strength and fragility of being. What you feel and what transpires to the outside.
Use of full bodied denims, in earthy tones contrasting with knits and satins of strong colors.
The mixture of colors appears in order to transmit a series of sensations and feelings common to all of us.


Do you think the pandemic had any impact on the creation of this collection?
How could it not have! It suddenly became part of our everyday life.
With the confinement, I tried to make the development of the collection an escape and a new prespective before the pandemic.
"After the storm comes the bonanza". And I was already thinking about it!
The collection emerges as a post pandemic- freedom, freshness, reconstruction. 





Born in 1996, Filipe Ferreira completes his studies at Escola Artística Soares dos Reis in 2014, in Textile Techniques, and graduates in Fashion Design at Escola Superior de Artes e Design de Matosinhos in 2017. After participating in the Young Creators PFN Contest, the young designer debuts on the Bloom runway at Portugal Fashion with his own brand, 0.9 VIRUS by Filipe Ferreira.