Chatting with David Catalan

We interviewed David Catalan, one of the designers participating in the last edition of Portugal Fashion.


What is your assessment of this year's Portugal Fashion?

It was a special year, we took the opportunity to show the clothes under a new point of view, more artistic and contemporary. It's always good to present the collection to our audience so that they can enjoy the collection, but with music and live is always something else.


What was the great inspiration for this collection?

The inspiration was the Safari, but reinterpreted with the main elements of our brand, so I have a colorful safari, with workwear silhouettes and something sporty, always with details of tailoring and good finishes.


What is the reason for the choice of fabrics used?

It is always important to take into account our inspiration, but it is also necessary to think about what the clients want, so it is a mixture of these factors. I like to work with denim, influenced by previous professional experiences, and also because of its versatility and durability.


Do you think it was three days of Portugal Fashion very different from previous years? Did you really feel the effects of the pandemic?

The most different was the calm environment. We felt the effects, but something necessary, and we have to get used to it, at least for now.


Did you feel, in some way, that this phase that we went through affected the concretion of your collection? What impact has the pandemic had on your work and creative dynamics?

And I always need to renew, and all this helps to have more time to work on what needs to be improved, and to rethink some strategies, like the online one, with an enormous potential.


What are the prospects for the future?

Right now we are working on our new collection. This second wave ends up making things difficult, since the options are reduced, but we are optimistic. We will also work on our production in order not to miss the deliveries, something very important for our good relationship with the clients.




David Catalan is one of the renowned creators who uses Troficolor fabrics in his collections.



David Catalan studied at the School of Arts in Corella, where he became a Bachelor of Interior Design. Later he attended the School of Design in La Rioja and the School of Arts and Design in Matosinhos. In this last institution he graduated in Fashion and Clothing Design. Integrated in the core of the last finalists of the Bloom Contest, the creator has several professional experiences having been an intern of Maria Gambina and fashion assistant of Júlio Torcato. David Catalan later assumed the creative direction of his brand and became fashion designer for Denim Blue. The designer has already conquered the best collection and the best women's suit at the New Roots AW13 and the first place at the Muestra Nacional de Jovenes Diseñadores. Later, David Catalan would be awarded the Mediterranean Fashion Prize.