Chatting with Maria Meira

We interviewed Maria Meira, one of the designers participating in the last edition of Portugal Fashion. 


What is your assessment of this edition of Portugal Fashion?

This edition, like the previous one, was very different from the usual edition, due to the situation in which we find ourselves, but other than that I think that everything went super well the Feedback has been positive.

What was the great inspiration for this collection?

The inspiration was my two grandparents, who unfortunately are no longer here, and have always been very present in my life and I only keep good memories, I tried to remember everything I kept from them, the patterns, the shoulder pads all the pieces were created thinking about both. It was the collection I like the most that gave me. It was good to remember them and honor the two people I miss most and who taught me the most in this life.

What does this collection effectively mean to "tell" the world?

Enjoy all the moments of life to love yours and not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, I think if, doubt a moment of reflection, I hope to have been able to show this, with every detail I have incorporated into it.

What is the reason for the choice of fabrics and colors used?

It was all thought the pattern of my paternal grandmother's balls, the flowers of my maternal grandmother, the blues that I used in the collection I picked up from a shirt of my grandmother that I always liked and wear a lot, the shoulder pads that both wore and portray their time, and clothes more relaxed because both were women from the country, I tried to portray a little of both.

Do you think the pandemic had any impact on the creation of this collection?

I think it helped, because I spent more time at home and when I started to create I had some photos of them there at home and that's when the inspiration came to me, old portraits, where later I started to gather all the photos I could find of both. 


Rita Meira was present at BLOOM, an experimental platform for designers who are still at an early stage of their projects, and with whom Troficolor, imbued with its spirit of mission, is proud to collaborate.


It was at the School of Arts and Design that Maria Meira concluded her degree in Fashion Design in 2017. In the same year, she participated in the Young Creators Contest of Santa Maria da Feira. She won the Bloom Contest in the FW18-19 edition of Portugal Fashion, in March 2018.
Maria Meira brand intends to be contemporary, alternative and adaptable, in order to please a young audience interested in fashion.