One step from BCI - Better Cotton Initiative

We are working to integrate the BCI - Better Cotton Initiative community.


Cotton is arguably the most important natural fiber in the world, almost everyone is in daily contact with cotton.


Beginning in 2005 and led by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), the BCI - Better Cotton Initiative is a non-profit organization that, in cooperation with different stakeholders and organizations, attempts to define a set of policies for a smoother cotton production. sustainable worldwide. In this line of business, BCI prioritizes: continuous improvement of good production practices; fair labor relations; and market transparency and traceability of cotton;


TROFICOLOR could not be indifferent to this initiative and is working to present a better and more sustainable product to the market, making a commitment to control cotton production practices and find more sustainable solutions for products, for the environment. and for the future of each of us.


By 2020 BCI estimates that 30% of all cotton produced in the world will be made in accordance with its practices and standards.