The feminist message from Maria Meira's SS20 collection

Maria Meira's SS20 collection presented in the past Portugal Fashion, aims to make a stand on (always) current and constantly debated themes. Sexuality, domestic violence, violence, racism, homophobia. It focuses on freedom of expression and freedom to be. Having as its imaginary influence a specific feminist movement, the Riot Grrrl, which explores the punk musical and political style in which women fight for the same rights as men.


Thus, through the artistic language that communicates many times more than the written or spoken, because it deals with the communication of emotions and the unconscious, they say things that we are sometimes unable to understand by words. This translates into flowing, flowing silhouettes, biker shorts, t-shirts with messages like "Women deserve respect" or "Women should be able to talk" and in just three colors: black, pink and the White. It is his most commercial collection, so he decided to add the multi pockets so that the pieces would not be "so normal".


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