Troficolor competed with TIME video to Fashion Film Festival

Troficolor was one of the companies to participate in the seventh edition of the Fashion Film Festival, whose voting takes place online until October 25. The fashion film contest that obtains more votes, regardless of category, will receive the award for "Best Film" voted by the public. 

Troficolor presented the video TIME, in the category of Technical Textiles, in which makes the denim, one of the fabrics for which the brand stands out most. Denim crosses generations and is, perhaps, the most democratic fabric of all, serving different genres, ethnicities and age groups.

In Troficolor the sense of timelessness and the appreciation for memory are well visible: in the recovered furniture, in the historical buildings, in the clothing lines that resurrect old stocks. Here the old becomes new and what is new never forgets its past. It is to this idea that the fashion film presented by Troficolor takes its essence.

In the film, two men of different age groups wear the same clothes: denim from the upcycling line. Both characters have charisma and claw and represent the link between generations and the respect for time. Throughout the film both men perform the same actions simultaneously, communicating with each other, through the editing of images, as if they were in parallel universes but always linked by denim and their actions. In the end, these are one and the same.

All the images presented in the film take advantage of the scenes already existing in the company's facilities: the showroom, the old looms, the exterior of the old factory, etc. thus showing the essence of Troficolor itself.

The movie can be seen: