Troficolor present in the 25 years of Portugal Fashion

Portugal Fashion has returned renewed for the 47th edition, commemorating its 25th anniversary, which took place between October 15 and 17 at Alfândega do Porto.

Troficolor, was present once again, supporting designers such as David Catalan, Hugo Costa, Inês Torcato and Maria Gambina who used the fabrics of Troficolor in their collections.

In Bloom, an experimental platform for designers who are still at an early stage of their projects, Troficolor imbued with its spirit of mission, was proud to collaborate with names such as 0.9 Virus, ARIEV, Carolina Sobral, João Sousa, Maria Meira and Rita Sá.

These creators are examples of the excellence of the made in Portugal presented in the commemorative parade of the 25 years of Portugal Fashion, its most recent creations using tissues Troficolor, ecologically responsible, either for the organic and recycled fibers present in its composition, or for the innovative production processes with a lower water consumption and with less use of chemicals.

As has been customary, in addition to support for designers, Troficolor also collaborated with the organization of the event in the uniforms of hostesses and the already known tote bags, all made with sustainable fabrics, respecting the DNA of the company and the growing environmental concern.