Troficolor's showroom has already made the leap to digital

Troficolor now also makes its showroom available in digital. Aware of the limitations brought by the new reality in which we live due to the pandemic and the explosion of digital media as a way to reach all places and people, Troficolor decided to reinvent its showroom, which can now be visited at the distance of a click.

In order to provide a 360º experience to its customers and at the same time not lose what is most authentic to it, which is its physical space, the company has made the leap to digital. With 65 years of history, it has developed and adapted to the growing demands of the market.

The conscious and environmentally friendly practices are visible not only in their collections, but also in their physical space, where they reuse equipment and materials, such as their tables that are recovered, as well as other furniture, machinery and materials that give the space a vintage and sustainable concept. Their showroom mirrors the essence and DNA of Troficolor.

The experience of visiting it is, therefore, unique and not to be missed.

If you want to embark on this 360º adventure, ask your commercial manager for access.