Covid-19 || Certified fabrics for masks

With over 60 years of activity, TROFICOLOR's connection to denim has lasted since its foundation. The successive transformations in the world of fabrics, motivated the appearance of new trends and new realities, which the company has always been able to follow with innovation and quality.


In view of the challenge that this pandemic represents, TROFICOLOR channeled a large part of its activity towards the development of raw materials necessary for the production of personal protective equipment, namely masks, thus mobilizing itself for the country's joint effort in the combating COVID19.


Aware of the rapid evolution of this pandemic, as well as the need for civil society to use masks, as a complementary measure to limit the transmission of COVID-19, TROFICOLOR advanced with the certification of some fabrics, having been awarded by the Technological Center of Textile and Clothing Industries (CITEVE), level three, according to the document “Masks intended for use within the scope of COVID-19 - Technical Specifications” published by DGS, INFARMED, ASAE and IPQ, on April 14, 2020 .


In the words of Carlos Serra, CEO of TROFICOLOR: “We realized that we could not sit idly by watching this fight, which is a fight for all of us, as humanity”. He further referred, “TROFICOLOR focused on the suitability of some fabrics, in strict compliance with the rules presented by the health authorities, in order to present a solution that was a guarantee of safety, reliability and quality, something we managed to achieve and which is recognized for this CITEVE certification ”.


Certified fabrics have an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-odor finish, in addition to good breathability and a particle filtration capacity of 70% or more.