Troficolor in the city of lights

If we combine the largest textile companies with the city of fashion, we reach Prèmiere Vision. From 11th to 13th February, Paris-Nord Villepinte was the meeting point for the great representatives of the textile area. From fabrics, furs, to designs, accessories and many others, the more than 2000 exhibitors exhibited the latest news at this largest textile industry fair.

Increasingly conquering its space in the fashion world, Portugal was represented by 50 national companies at the event. One such example is Troficolor. Created in 1956, it aims to launch major trends, providing denim and fabrics based on environmental care.
Nobody was indifferent to the upcycling concept that the company took to Paris, because if there is a firm capable of reviving classics and bringing them to the present, it is Troficolor. With this aspect, the company minimizes or even eliminates expenses on production, water, energy and chemical agents produced.

Green Circle was the highlight where, the fashion designer Inês Torcato, allied to Troficolor, exhibited a coordinate based on ecological materials in one of the 20 rotating platforms that literalized the concept of a new route and a new validity for pieces and fabrics. With the raw material of the textile company, Inês Torcato
developed a relaxed set, in shades of blue and black that could be seen in one of twenty exhibitors.
It is important to realize that the textile incorporates natural, recycled and biodegradable fibers in its pieces, always using sustainable materials.

“The presence of Troficolor is increasingly felt at Prèmiere Vision and our ecological footprint will be even more of a reality in the next edition” says Carlos Serra, CEO of the textile. Troficolor is not guided by fashion but by the positive impact it can have on the textile world. The company's presence in this
event is fundamental to solidify and expand in foreign markets.