TROFICOLOR at Portugal Fashion || FW19/20

TROFICOLOR at Portugal Fashion 2019

TROFICOLOR is present in the 2019 edition of Portugal Fashion, through designers Júlio Torcato, Maria Gambina, Inês Torcato, David Catalán, Sara Maia, Ashma Karki (Bloom), Rita Sá (Bloom) and João Sousa (Bloom).

In the words of Carlos Serra, CEO of TROFICOLOR, "it is with great pleasure and a sense of mission that we collaborate, usually with young and established national creators, since this is part of the company's DNA."

Portugal Fashion will take place from March 14 to 17 at the Alfândega do Porto, during which time it will be possible to appreciate the quality and design of TROFICOLOR denim, in the productions of renowned stylists such as Júlio Torcato, Maria Gambina, Inês Torcato, David Catalán and Sara Maia, as well as new promises like Ashma Karki, Rita Sá and João Sousa, who will be present in Bloom space. Trofa, March 14, 2019