TROFICOLOR partner in the 2019 edition of Portugal Fashion

TROFICOLOR partner in the 2019 edition of Portugal Fashion and was responsible for dressing the staff of Portugal Fashion 2019.


In the words of Carlos Serra, CEO of TROFICOLOR, "the collaboration with Portugal Fashion was an opportunity to demonstrate that our brand continues with enormous energy and exudes youth, relying on its enormous tradition."


In this last edition of Portugal Fashion, besides the use of TROFICOLOR fabrics and denim by designers such as Júlio Torcato, Nuno Baltazar, Maria Gambina, Inês Torcato, David Catalán, Sara Maia, Ashma Karki (Bloom), Rita Sá (Bloom ) and Joao Sousa (Bloom), this was another way for the brand to demonstrate the versatility of its denim.


Specialists in denim fabric since 1956, the core business of TROFICOLOR is precisely denim and ready-to-dye fabrics, with design, innovation, quality and reliability as a bulwark.


For Carlos Serra, the constant changes in the textile sector forced the company to follow the new trends. "TROFICOLOR has lived up to expectations, staying current and modern, seeking to achieve a differentiating position in the national and international market."


As a supplier of fabrics, TROFICOLOR is proud of the techniques used to reduce the impact on the environment. To this extent, TROFICOLOR is able to provide fabrics with greener fibers, presenting a reduction in the order of 92% of water consumption and drastically reducing the use of chemicals. In addition, in this sustainable development logic, TROFICOLOR is expanding its Denim product range, and now has organic and recycled fabrics in its collection as well as recycled polyester.


With the conclusion of the 2019 edition of Portugal Fashion, we are proud of the way the brand took over and was present at this great national fashion event.